Musings of KarlettaA

Musings from a woman on the Autism Spectrum.



Learnings from a former Youth Advocate: Writing

I had finally found a passion in life. A job that I wanted to do. Getting the voices of youth heard by policy makers and change makers. 

Dear Centrelink Letter Writers

Thank you for your charming letter dated 12th June 2017, stating that I had failed in providing something you'd asked for. I hadn't realised that declaring that I'm not paying rent was an offence.

The Weight of Powerlessness

I am feeling the weight of powerful corporations having such a presence in my life.

What is Trolling and Why do they do it?

The SBS Insight program "Trolls" (Oct 16th 2012) was very insightful on trolling, and why trolls do it.

What to expect with a horror as President

"He will make impulsive and reckless decisions that impact many people. The possible reason: It makes me a good businessman. You knew the score."

Book review of Talking Smack

Book: 'Talking Smack: Honest conversations about drugs' Author: Andrew McMillen Featuring: Paul Kelly, Gotye, Tina Arena, Phil Jamieson, Steve Kilbey, Mick Harvey and Holly Throsby and more... **** 4 Stars This book is a useful and interesting compilation of individuals... Continue Reading →

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