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Musings from a woman on the Autism Spectrum.



May Personal Update

My days are busy, my studies are on hold and I am trying to be more responsible at home, with my chores.

April 2017 Personal Update

There are a few pretty great things happening at the moment. I #AmWriting, had an interview, signed up to study online, and am writing poetry.

Why Feminism is still important

This post is about why we still need feminism. Oh you’re objecting? Shut up.

Heaps of writing done

(Writing) has been a fairly consistent thing for a month. I write a few days a week, for a few hours here and there. Its been great having something to be intentional about.

My favourite community photos of 2014 and 2015

These photos show a consensus of some global citizens about certain human rights issues. You can click on the photos for links to news items and videos. Enjoy.

My favourite photos of 2015

Hello, This month I wanted to post some of my favourite photos of 2015. In this post are ones I took on a Samsung, but I hope you like them. The photos in the next blog post are my favourite community moments... Continue Reading →

Disappointing news

Well, disappointing news i'm afraid. I didn't even manage to finish the introductory units for the diploma. So its a no-go. Never mind, I've got other stuff to concentrate on. Cleaning the house daily for the most part. Other short... Continue Reading →

Bit of writing done

I wrote out a speech the other week, and have been working on a short writing course. They've both been great exercises. I started the speech because I figured I needed a simple way to explain Aspergers to people. So... Continue Reading →

It’s cool

Hello (to the three people who read my blog hehe) I've been fine, went in to get ID the other day so I can enroll into a TAFE course. It seems silly that i've been putting it off. I put... Continue Reading →

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