I looked that shy on stage?

Youth Up Front Award Roma Street Parklands June 2003 “… and publishes ‘Cookies’ a street magazine that promotes the ideas … More

Identity Shifts

How connected are you to your sense of self? Is it a constant companian or an elusive identity?

If you didn’t see and understand your reputation, how would your sense of self be impacted?

What tools are in your toolbelt for times of losing your sense of self?

Self publishing Audit: My first year publishing memoir and poetry on Kindle

Hi, I’ve just done an audit of my first year in independent publishing. My first two non fiction books were … More

Realistic goals: A talk on realistic goals, willingly failing and practicing

This is a talk I wrote in one of my good weeks while experiencing Autistic Burn Out. Using this method as a baseline has helped me on my recovery journey.

Sneak Peek at memoir “Elusive Identity”

My Memoir “Elusive Identity: The Autism Spectrum and Recreating a Sense of Identity” is out now on Kindle.