You can listen to me reading my memoir Successful to Burnt Out as a podcast.


Musings of KarlettaA Audio Blog

These are audio versions of my blog posts from Musings of KarlettaA: Musings from a female on the Autism Spectrum.



I started a podcast today! I didn’t set out to. I just thought I’d record audio for some of my blog posts.

This morning I recorded six posts and an intro. I searched through my cloud storage and found a short music track I created a few years ago. It sounded pretty cool, so I downloaded an audio editing program I’ve used before. Its called Audio Evolution. 10:30am and the intro was done. Off I popped to an appointment with a support worker. My final appointment with her.

Getting home, I was eager to create an audio file to stick on my blog. Two hours later, an audio template, image template, and metadata/ ID3 tags were done. One track was finished and uploaded to WordPress. I couldn’t wsit to do the rest!

Its now 9:49pm in Queensland, Australia and five audio files are finished, on my blog, and uploaded to my own podcast channel! All of my tinkering with computer programs, editing suites, and graphic design training has come together in a beautiful way.

I would love it if you had a listen to some episodes. You can use the Castbox app if you like, as they are hosting the podcast.

If you could share, rate, and give my podcast feedback, it would be wonderful.

Have a listen and I hope you enjoy my audio blog.

“Musings of KarlettaA Audio Blog”