Selfie of a woman with dark hair. She is wearing red and yellow tinted sunglasses and black headphones.

Thread: My ‘disability’ rage is new

“I got despairing in 2015… I got righteously indignant in 2019…
I have rage now. (The NDIS) have abandoned me.”

What Albo possibly meant at the Press Club in Feb

The words he said and maybe felt he didn’t need to say. They were that basic. My first step to getting rats – I’ll return the bloody emails of course! From the company in Australia. From the Regulator. From the shipping companies. From the Pharmacy inter-agencies. All of that stuff.

To put it in everyday language, perhaps, the month’s schedule has been tacked up on the wall.

Twitter thread: Poverty? Not our job

What did you expect of us? Of course poverty… always is… you can’t… deal with… terrifying… What we are focussed … More

[Historical] Open Letter: NDIS neglect and harm with compulsory assessments

You are not a medical professional, and are putting people, including myself, in harm and being intentionally neglectful by dismissing our concerns and continuing with these compulsory assessments.

If you have not already done it, your responsibility is to read every report by the Royal Commission into Elder Abuse and Royal Commission into people with Disabilities.